Conflict Resolved? Google CEO Resigns from Apple

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August 3, 2009 – While many people have quetioned this particular relationship for some time, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has officially resigned from his seat on Apple’s Board of Directors, hopefully putting to rest some of the speculation as to how Schmidt would balance loyalty to two opposing brands as Apple and Google continue to enter into each other’s territory.

Multiple media outlets are reporting on the story this morning, as Schmidt’s resignation comes just days after FCC began inquiring why Apple denied the Google Voice application from the iPhone App store, raising more questions pertaining to Schmidt’s involvement with both companies.

While the match was not so controversial 3 years ago when Schmidt joined Apple’s board, the 2 companies have since begun creating new products that are in direct competition with each other, including Google’s Android vs Apple’s iPhone and the addition of Google’s soon-to-be-launched operating system, Chrome, that will complete with MAC.

According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Schmidt’s resignation is mutual agreement since Schmidt would have to recuse himself from even more board meetings that deal with potential “conficts of interest” then he already had.

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