Conquer Local Search By Focusing on Geo Specifics

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November 6, 2009 – As a lawyer, unless you are licensed and practicing in several states, the vast majority of your clients will be confined to a specific geographic region. Needless to say, this focus should have you naturally going after a targeted presence on local directories, but you should also extend your local search efforts to your SEO content by creating state specific web content.

Focus On Your Region

For example, a lot of people may be searching for information on truck accidents, but for your marketing purposes, your SEO content should discuss the specifics of truck accidents in the state where your law firm resides. People in Arizona may be mildly interested in national truck accident statistics, but you can bet if given the option they would much rather hear about the chances of being in a truck accident where they live.

Provide Expertise on State and Local Laws

Your state specific laws and procedures also have an important place in your SEO content. People looking for legal advice in Maryland for example, would be much more interested in reading an article titled “How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Maryland” than an article titled “Personal Injury Lawsuits”. By focusing on the region where you practice law, you are helping to drive organic searches by potential clients in your region and making the most of your SEO content efforts by targeting your local audience.

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