Consider Blogging a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Your Business

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Blog Series: Finding Your Content Niche

May 4, 2011 
– When you see special episodes of your favorite TV shows, or DVD bonus extras on the latest blockbuster movie it’s not uncommon to have a “behind the scenes” feature as part of that content…and your blog can do the same.

Most of us love to see what goes on in the unseen part of our everyday lives. Wouldn’t you just love to poke your head into the kitchen of your favorite bakery and lick a spatula? Ever wonder how much effort goes in to running a seemingly simple x-ray at your local urgent care clinic?

Your clients may be curious about the inner workings of your business, too, and your blog can be a great way to show them.

We do it quite often here at We Do Web Content when we run blogs on special events like our 2 (maybe soon to be 3) office movesnew office pets, and the loss of 2 wonderful employees. We believe these are some of our more amusing blogs, and we hope you find them entertaining as well.

The purpose of behind-the-scenes blogs isn’t to reveal all your business processes and secrets. Rather, it’s a neat way to show your clients how hard you work for them while providing a little entertainment as well. Just remember to keep it informative but light, don’t get too technical with how things work. And above all, don’t skimp on PICTURES!


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