Content Conception: Step 3 – Editing

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February 3, 2011 – It’s never a good practice to write something and post it on your website without giving that content a thorough edit. That type of hasty publishing that resulted in many damaged reputations as well as careers.

The content you distribute to your clients is a direct reflection of your business. Typo-ridden and grammatically incorrect content will not inspire confidence in a potential client. In fact, there’s no faster way to send that client running straight to your competitor’s door. After all, if you can’t be bothered to ensure your blogs are written clearly and in proper English, why should anyone trust you with their money or business? That’s why at We Do Web Content, we check, double check, and even triple check all of our pieces to make sure they meet our standards for quality, original content.

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There’s nothing like a few good pairs of eyes to go over your content!

Editing is more than just making sure you’re free from red and green underlines in Microsoft Word (that’s spelling and grammar errors for those of you not Word-savvy). Our editors also read through each piece numerous times to ensure they sound natural and not full of forced keywords.

We also thoroughly fact check all of our Web content (especially when laws or statistics are involved) as well as run each individual piece through a plagiarism detector to make sure all of the content is 100% original and ready for the client.

Just as your Web content reflects your online reputation – the content we provide our clients at WDWC reflects our business too, so we take it very seriously.

And there you have it, the threefold process of going from client to content here at WDWC! We hope you enjoyed a little insight into the world of content marketing and how quality Web content doesn’t happen by clicking a “buy now” button on a content farm article. It takes a dedicated team of content managers, writers, and editors to develop the kind of quality articles, blogs and eBooks we are proud to offer you.

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