Content Ideas: Keep in Touch with Newsletters

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October 22, 2009 – Online newsletters are fantastic opportunities to reach out to existing customers and new contacts, get the most out of your web content, and expand your social marketing efforts.

The great part about online newsletters is that they are sent by email which makes them easy to track, and you can include articles that have already been published on your website since content in emails does not count as duplicate content online.

Newsletters don’t have to take up a lot of your time either. Sending out an online newsletter even once a quarter can help keep current clients engaged, and help convince your new contacts that you are personally invested in giving them quality information even before a contract is signed. You should also use your newsletter to remind your clients about where they can find you online, including your website, internal and external blogs, and which social media networks you have profiles on (along with links to each profile).

Another benefit is that your online newsletter does not and should not be very large. A few short articles, some current news about your law practice or new laws that affect your most common cases, and a lot of links to valuable areas of your website are really all you need. Thankfully, there are many different online newsletter templates, email/tracking services, and customization services available that can help you design, put together, and email a professional looking online newsletter.

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