Content “Most Important” in Vetting Outside Lawyers

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June 8, 2010 – A recent study conducted by Greentarget showed that the online content lawyers publish on their websites, blogs and social media is one of the top criteria that corporate counsel evaluates outside counsel for hire.

If you’ve been skeptical about the importance of your online content, consider that the only criteria that ranked above Internet content was personal recommendations. This means that corporate counsel is practically allowing lawyers to directly control 3 of the top 4 criteria by which they evaluate outside attorneys!

The study found the following criteria to be the most influential when evaluating outside counsel for hire:

  • Recommendations from sources you trust;
  • Articles and speeches the lawyer has authored;
  • Bios on the firm’s website;
  • Blogs published by lawyers;
  • Rankings and directories;
  • Twitter feeds from lawyers;
  • Endorsements and connections on LinkedIn; and
  • Quotes by lawyers in relevant media outlets.

If you’re an attorney looking to offer your services at the corporate level, know that the in-house counsel IS watching! Just like search engines, they’re looking for relevant, consistently updated content. Your website content is often how potential clients perceive you before they even see your face.

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