Content Plus SEO Equals Customer Satisfaction

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Content and SEO Are Equally Important for High Ranking Search Results

When it comes to maintaining a successful website there are basically two major rules: get customers to your website and get those customers to make a purchase.

A recently published article on discussed a Webinar on SEO (searach engine optimization) and conversion rates that spoke to the importance of balancing SEO strategies with quality web content to not only drive traffic, but complete the sale.

With all the press in recent years about the importance of optimizing websites, Google rankings, and keywords, many companies began investing in search engine optimization, but neglected to boost their web content along with it.

The Result

Lots of increased traffic but lower sales figures.

The Reason 

Online consumers are looking for clear, easy to read content and a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate. You can have all the traffic on the internet on your website but if the page is lacking quality content, your sales will reflect it.

A site that ranks well in search engines but can’t convert customers from browsers to buyers is just as bad as a site that provides a great user experience but search engines cannot index it“, said Herndon Hasty, senior SEO evangelist for Range and presenter in Webinar.

Think of it like two sides of the same coin, one is basically useless without the other.

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