Corporate communications directors share Twitter secrets

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Communications directors from several major corporations recently weighed in on how their companies are taking advantage of the surge in popularity of Twitter, the “real time” social networking site. Representatives from Six Flags, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Comcast served as panelists at the recent OMMA social conference.

Comcast’s director of digital care, Frank Eliason, manages a team of ten employees that track Twitter and other social marketing websites. He said that the company (which is not particularly revered for its customer service) is looking to make personal connections with users and connect with them individually.

Dunkin Donuts has appointed David Puner (AKA “Dunkin’ Dave”) as their official Twitter ambassador. The company’s use of the site was triggered by a desire to capitalize on the fans that were already celebrating their product online.

Billy Custer, a social media agent for Six Flags amusement parks, said that the company has used Twitter successfully to announce promotions.

Instant feedback makes Twitter a go to site
for company’s to find “on the spot focus groups” who can vote up or down on new product launches.

Learn more tips from corporate pros on social media networking.

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