Craigslist sued in first trademark infringement case

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Craigslist was sued by a Texas-based real estate company in May for trademark infringement. First Call Properties alleges that Craigslist failed to monitor their site for ads that might infringe on the First Call trademark. AAA Apartment Locating placed ads on Craigslist featuring phrases such as “first call,” “call us first” and “make us your first call.”

The lawsuit was filed in a Texas state court but has been removed to Federal court and names Craigslist, AAA Apartment, and two individuals as defendants.

The suit is similar to ones filed against Google alleging that Google failed to protect customers from competitors who use the customers’ trademarked keywords to lure users to their site. Google settled such a lawsuit filed by Geico but denied wrongdoing.

Craigslist real estate ads are free in some locales, such as Texas, which complicates the legal issues in the case. Most federal laws on the matter govern scenarios involving paid-for advertisements.

Read the full article about the trademark infringement lawsuit filed against Craigslist.

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