Create Consistent Web Content with a Style Guide

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If your web content looks different on every page, you won’t be making a very good first impression with potential clients. It’s true, some of your clients will judge your business by the appearance of your web content, and inconsistencies in formatting can be quite a turnoff.

A lot of content writing services realize that the key to having consistent formatting for website content is to implement a common style guide. This is especially important if you have several writers working on your online article marketing.

Style Guides Can Help Make Online Article Marketing More Efficient

Do you have multiple writers? If there are multiple people working on a project or producing regular content for your website, there needs to be a common guide to how web content is formatted. Not only does this help create content consistency, but it also cuts time off of the online article marketing process.

When all of the people writing for a website or business are following the same style guide, there should be no need to spend extra time formatting every piece to the same standards.

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A Good Web Content Style Guide Creates Consistent Formatting

A style guide is a list of formatting and structural guidelines that can help ensure all content posted to your site will be consistent in these aspects.

At the very least, your style guide should cover:

  • standard font, text color and size;
  • when to use bullet lists, bold, and italics;
  • header and sub-header format; and
  • content structure.

Consistent formatting controls how the content will appear on your website once the final product is completed. Your goal in online article marketing is to develop a library of web content that is uniform and easy to read – clients can absorb your knowledge and reach the call to action with no distractions.

Your web content should be clear with its message, and inconsistent formatting can ruin your chances of achieving that goal. The easier content is to read on a website, the more likely it is to engage readers and inspire them to listen to your message or take action.

Bottom line: A style guide can help improve efficiency of getting your content ready to publish and improve readability for your audience. Your website will have a more professional, organized look when every article, blog and FAQ is consistent with text styles and formatting.

Be Consistent with We Do Web Content’s Content Writing Services

At We Do Web Content we have developed our own style guide to ensure our clients get only the best web content possible. To see how you can benefit from a professional online article marketing company, give us a call or fill out our contact form to discover what our content writing services can do for your business. 888-594-5442.