Create New Web Content With Google’s Instant Search to Generate Blog Topics

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Generating fresh web content like daily business blogs can be difficult when you think you’ve tapped out all the best topics. Internet marketing for an agency or business is all about keeping constant and knowing what your potential clients are looking for. Google is dedicated to helping users explore the topics they’re searching in every way, and they use a feature called “instant search” to achieve this goal.

Instant Search – An Auto Complete for Your Web Content

When you’ve enabled instant search and begin typing in a search term on the Google main page you’ll see a list appear under the search box and results appear as you type. This list starts to grab the first few letters of your query and will start to predict what you’re searching for based on:

  • your search history (if you have cookies enabled);
  • your location (if you allow Google to use your IP address to assess your location); and
  • popular searches.

Google introduced this feature to cut down on the time it took users to enter a full long search query like “internet marketing agency” or “Plantation garage door repair”. While efficiency was the focus of this enhancement, many web content writers have also found that it’s a helpful way to generate new business blog topics and keywords.

Improve Internet Marketing for Your Agency with Google’s Help

One of the main reasons business owners don’t market with their web content is that they don’t have the time to constantly generate fresh, unique content that’s relevant to their target audience. Let’s face it, coming up with an interesting blog topic or new article every day can put a strain on your time – you have a business to run!

If coming up with content topics is straining your web content strategy it’s time to look for some inspiration – and you don’t have to look any further than Google’s search box! Start typing a word that’s related to your business; let’s use the garage door business as an example:


With just the first word, you can see that popular searches include “garage sales” “garage doors” and “garage door opener” – apparently customers are commonly looking for garage door openers. If you want to go a bit further and start looking to see what’s being searched for regarding “garage doors” you’ll see that common queries include openers, repairs, and springs.

Perhaps Plantation garage door repair companies should start writing more SEO web content about garage door openers and springs!

Improve Your Rankings with Google Instant Search

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