Create Relevant SEO Content From News Headlines

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September 14, 2009 – Finding ways to add SEO content to your website can be as easy as keeping up with the world around you. In preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), is going pink and teaming up with the Susan G Komen Foundation.

While not all businesses will be able to partner with large scale charities or create a giant campaign, events like Breast Cancer Awareness month, Women’s History Month, current events, and major news headlines can give you the opportunity to create content for your website or blog that is not only time relevant, but picks up on hot topics and keywords people will be searching for.

What’s important is to focus on the news and events that make sense to your business. Retailers that focus on beauty supplies or women’s wear/accessories can use events like the Academy Awards, Grammys, and other award shows to compare fashion highlights and provide tips. A lawyer can discuss their opinions on a big trial being followed by CNN or the New York Times. Find areas that will interest your readers and create your own niche inside that topic.

Great SEO content is out there just waiting for you to write it!

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