Creating an Internal System to Support Web Leads

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January 5, 2010 –  Even before you start posting all the new SEO content to your website, it’s important to organize and establish and internal structure designed to quickly respond to and track the leads your website will bring in.

SEO content and having a search engine optimized website is a huge undertaking, and if done well, can bring in a steady stream of traffic to your website, including leads from potential clients looking for more information or to set up a meeting with you. During these situations time is of the essence as a lead that sits in an email inbox for several days will go stale.

Why You Need an Internal Structure

People searching for legal resources online will typically visit or contact more than one local attorney. If they contact you and your office takes several days or weeks to contact that person back, chances are they’ve already spoken to another lawyer. When a potential client fills out your contact form or sends an email through your website, you need to create an internal structure with an employee who constantly maintains the area these requests are sent to and responds immediately to set up a consultation.

When That Structure Does Not Exist

Without this process in place, leads can quickly become stagnant, giving that visitor the chance to connect with other lawyers or just giving them the impression that their case is not important to you. Whether you give this assignment to an employee hired expressly for this task or add it to the responsibilities of a current employee, you’ll need to establish a protocol designed to intercept these messages as they arrive along with tracking them (what day did the message arrive, what information were they seeking, when were they contacted by your office, and the result of that contact, etc.), and ensuring that each message is responded to in the way you see fit.

Not all of these leads may be ideal cases, but they each deserve a timely response. Perhaps their case does not suit your firm but perhaps in a few months a friend or relative might require your legal services. If you address those less-than-desirable leads with the same courtesy you would a great case, they might be inclined to refer those friends and family to you.

Responding to your website leads is a customer service issue you just can’t ignore. If you currently are not set up to handle an influx of web leads, you’ll need to sit down and come up with a manageable strategy that will ensure those leads are being taken care or risk losing out on some great cases.

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