Creating and Organizing Web Content to Foster Learning and Interaction

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June 4, 2010 – Your website navigation needs to be structured correctly to allow your clients access to the right content, eventually leading them to contacting you for more specific information. You can achieve this through well-written content that is full of links to your other content, words that speak to them (not at them) and calls to action.

One of the newest trends in how websites are navigated is the breadcrumb trail – clicking links not completely certain of where they’ll take you. Many users of Wikipedia take this method: they find an article they need, read it, and end up clicking a link within that article to learn more. That link takes them to a new article, leading to more links to explore. Suddenly, a search that started on fire ants may end up with the searcher on William Shatner’s page (and it is possible!).

Your clients come to your website looking for specific information on their case. Your homepage needs to clearly display where this information is to be found, allowing clients who just want a single answer to get what they want. Once they find their content, it needs to create a narrative they can follow, have links to other related information they may find useful and a call to action. Now you have them engaged in learning more.

Once you’ve got them hooked, lead them on a path to offer them more information, ultimately leading them to the conclusion that there’s so much to know and do, they could really use the help of a professional (you). While we’re on that topic, it’s important to have your contact information on every page. When your future clients are overwhelmed with the information you have to offer, they can ask you for more help.

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