Creating a Call To Action on Legal Websites

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September 29, 2009 – Part of any successful web content strategy is to find a balance between informative content and enticing visitors to contact you for more information about your services.

This balance can be tricky, as visitors can clearly see through a sales pitch disguised as an article, meaning an article that only vaguely discusses an issue but constantly discusses you and your practice. On the other hand, a great informative article that does not have any call to action (a line and link directing readers to your contact page/form/email) leaves readers with no where to go except away from your website.

A great call to action is brief, contains the specifics about your practice and links to your contact information, whether it is a form or a separate web page with your email and phone number, along with a short tagline or incentive to giver readers a pressing reason to contact you.

Do you give free initial consultations to new clients? Is your office conveniently located in a popular section of town? Use these angles to your advantage to create a 1-2 sentence sale pitch instead of an article-size pitch and include it at the end of every blog and article. This way you’ll strike that all important balance between informing and selling without sacrificing one for the other.

Check out one of We Do Web Content’s calls to action as an example:

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