Creating SEO Content for Legal Websites

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September 25, 2009 – When you are a lawyer, finding the time to work on your web content often takes a back seat to more immediate matters, but coming up with content ideas is as easy as opening your ears.

A great place to start when planning out the web content development of your website is to listen to what your clients are saying.

What are the questions you get asked over and over again? These topics can make fantastic articles, intriguing blogs, or really helpful FAQs

What are common legal terms that most non-lawyers do not fully understand? Create a glossary page on your website to address these concerns and you can keep visitors on your website longer.

What types of cases do you find yourself taking? Are you the car accident expert? Know everything about anesthesia errors and medical malpractice? Turn your expertise into a series of articles that discuss lawsuit procedures, local resources, cases in the news, and so on.

Great SEO content is relevant and searchable, which means it includes the keywords your potential clients are looking for and the quality content that provides them with the information they are seeking. When these key factors exist on your website, visitors can quickly become great leads for new clients.

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