Creating Specialized SEO Content For Multiple Areas

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August 28, 2009 – It’s hard to constantly come up with new and exciting content ideas for your website, or even organizing all that SEO content once it has been created.

A great search engine strategy is to look for organic and intuitive avenues to separate your SEO content into multiple areas of your website. This not only allows you to focus on both large and small ideas, but it helps visitors easily locate articles on those topics without having to scroll through dozens of pages of links once they get to the “library” are of your website.

If your run a law firm for example and focus on personal injury as well as wrongful death or medical malpractice, create separate library areas for the articles that speak to those specialties. If you find yourself creating a lot of articles on motorcycle accidents and a lot of articles on car accidents, try to further separate those areas, or create a search or labeling method that can help visitors easily find just those articles.

Likewise with internal or external blogs. If you are going to create one giant blog, be sure to include categories that can let people select the areas they care most about, or create multiple blogs that focus on specific subjects like we have here at We Do Web Content.

Sometimes it can be difficult to take a step back and see where you need to include more SEO content  for your website, but a good source can be:

  • looking at the questions your visitors commonly ask you or email you about,
  • looking at competing sites and seeing what types of articles they are creating and then deciding if you have enough comparable material on your own website, or
  • going really deep into niche areas

To take the law firm example further, a practice that focuses on personal injury can have an area about motor vehicle accidents that provides SEO content about car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, public transportation accidents, ATV accidents, child injuries in car accidents and so on. The list could easily include articles and blogs on over a dozen sub-topics and that’s just one specialized practice area.

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