Creating the Right Google+ Presence for Your Business

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The world of Google+ can become complicated if you’re unsure of how to keep your personal and business profiles and pages separated. Attorneys, you often have the most difficulty separating a personal account from a business profile because you ARE your business!

Before you go creating new profiles and pages, learn the difference between all the options in our handy little guide below.

First Thing’s First: Profiles vs. Pages

While we may never know which came first – the chicken or the egg – we do know that the Google+ profile must come before the page. You need to have a Google+ personal profile activated for your e-mail before you can create any pages. Your personal profile needs to be for the business owner – the person who will own any pages created for your business. Even if you’re a solo practitioner, you still have your business name as a separate entity that you alone represent.

So say attorney Bob Loblaw (any Arrested Development fans?) is the only attorney at The Law Offices of Bob Loblaw, P.A. He will need to first set up a Google+ profile for Bob Loblaw the man. Once Bob Loblaw is now active on Google+, he can begin to set up a business page for The Law Offices of Bob Loblaw, P.A.

Different Business Types Warrant Different Page Types

Before Bob Loblaw can make a business page for his law office, he needs to decide what category best fits his business. Right now, Google+ allows the following main categories:

  • local business or place;
  • product or brand;
  • company, institution or organization;
  • arts, entertainment or sports; and
  • other.

Most lawyers or law firms will only need to consider listing as a local business or place or a company, institution or organization. If Bob Loblaw is running a single office in Newport Beach, CA and relies on local clientele, he’ll want to create a local business or place page. However, if Bob Loblaw does all of his business with clients online because The Law Offices of Bob Loblaw, P.A. is a nationwide law firm, he may be better suited to create a company, institution or organization page.

The biggest difference between all of these pages is that creating a local business or place page will also connect that page and its content to your address’s Google Maps listing. This is of extreme importance to attorneys and law firms that generate their clientele from the local community – you want your page to be found on local search! Part of the setup of a local business Google+ Page is verifying your physical address, which gives an added boost to your Google Maps connectivity.

Google is starting to police multiple page listings more carefully, meaning if you don’t create the right page the first time, you’ll have to delete it before you create a new one – don’t just abandon incorrectly categorized pages. When you have We Do Web Content helping with your local business setup you won’t have to worry – we’ll get it done right the first time. Just fill out our contact form or call us at 888-521-3880 for a free consultation to learn about local marketing for lawyers and law firms.