Creating Timely Web Content: Considering Current Events and Seasonal Topics

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Some web content will attract clients year-round. This includes authoritative and evergreen pieces that can act as the foundation of your website’s content. However, a good business article marketing campaign may also contain timely content strategies to capitalize on current events, seasons, and even holidays.

Generating Legal Website Content Based on Newsworthy Topics

Web content thrives on good topics, whether evergreen or time-sensitive, to become popular on the search result pages. Over the years, Google has enhanced its search features in two ways to make current event articles rank higher:

  • the auto-fill search bar will try to complete your search query with popular or trending searches; and
  • if you’re searching for a topic currently mentioned by several articles and authoritative sites, Google creates a special collection of news links related to that term at the top of the search results.

A law firm looking to take advantage of trendworthy news topics might see if there are any applicable and important court cases or legislative issues in the news and write some related legal website content.

For instance, if there was a hit and run case police were reporting to get help finding the driver, a personal injury attorney may write about the hit and run case and discuss which legal principles might apply. The piece shouldn’t be solely an attempt at ‘newsjacking’; it should offer valuable takeaways that are both timely and helpful.

It’s important to mention that with any legal website content, attorneys should not speculate on the outcome of a case. Some attorneys do give their opinion on cases in the news, but they do so at their own risk. It’s usually best to play it safe and only report the facts of the case – don’t rant on what you would do or how a current case is being mishandled.

Appropriate Holiday & Seasonal Content for a Business Article

Marketing a business can be done in many ways, and web content is one of the top methods in today’s consumer world. Holidays are big for any business, even if you’re not in the retail or household service industry. Yes, law firms can get into the holiday spirit and still remain professional.

Some areas of law, like family law, can work well with holiday content, as they can focus on topics like handling the holidays after a divorce or co-parenting plans for holidays and vacations. Other areas like personal injury can benefit from topics like trick-or-treating tips for a safe Halloween or dangerous gifts to avoid on Mother’s Day.

The seasons may affect content choices in that an injury lawyer in a snowy region might market web content about slips and falls on icy sidewalks in the winter, while summer content might focus on motorcycle or boating accidents.

You Can Have Year-Round Web Content with Our Help

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