Creative—and free!—online PR resources for attorneys

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April 9, 2010 – Public relations for attorneys isn’t always an easy task. After all, how many lawyer jokes exist to perpetuate the public’s generally dismal view of your profession? One way to counteract this is to take advantage of the creative online PR strategies available to attorneys and other business leaders that may give you an opportunity to share your expertise with the public in a positive way.

Part of your PR and lawyer marketing plan should include securing your role as a leading expert in your field
, whether it’s defending father’s custody rights or holding banks accountable for wrongful foreclosure. This could mean being cited as a source or being quoted in a national daily newspaper, magazine or a blog.

One resource that you and your marketing team may consider is Help a Reporter Out
. You can sign up for the free service at the company’s homepage by entering your Email address and creating a password.

How does HARO work?

You’ll receive 3 Email notifications – or HARO pitches – daily, Monday through Friday. These messages contain queries from journalists from a broad range of media, including traditional and non-traditional. The rules are that you can respond to a request for information ONLY if you have relevant answers. If you take the journalist’s request as an open invite to send unrelated materials (i.e. press releases, or as they call it SPAM) you’ll get booted from the system and miss out entirely on this free PR opportunity.

What should I do with my HARO notifications?

Scan the daily messages for any queries that relate to your practice area and  issues on which you can speak with authority. For instance, if there’s a reporter from the Wall Street Journal who is looking for people who have been injured in a crash involving a Toyota with unexpected acceleration issues, and you have a client that suffered a head injury when her Prius slammed into a brick wall, by all means, you should contact the reporter and make a pitch for your story.

One way to build credibility with the reporters that you find and contact through HARO, or any online PR opportunity, is to be able to back up the initial contact with a website that demonstrates your expertise in that field. You can point the reporter to a website that is filled with a library of relevant content that demonstrates you really know your stuff.

Having search engine optimized content that is well-written and clear should be a part of your marketing plan, and your online PR strategy. At We Do Web Content, we focus on developing an individualized web content system that will work for your firm. That way, when opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready with content that does double duty; leading people to your site and showing them that you are knowledgeable resource! Contact a web content system professional today. 1-888-521-3880