Customer Retention and Comparison Shopping

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November 20, 2009 – In a down economy, the value of a service as well as its cost take on even greater weight as consumers find themselves searching for the best deal. In this type of economic climate, it isn’t enough to just market yourself as a great company, you need to focus your marketing on why your services and prices represent a greater value than your competitors.

Whether you like it or not, consumers are most likely going to visit your website and then check several of your competitors before making a purchasing decision. You can either ignore this fact or actively engage in promoting your brand by proving that your company provides additional value.

Promote the Value of Your Products and Your Brand

If your company provides additional services your competitors do not, this is time to really begin marketing those benefits. Additionally, by creating an on-page comparison where consumers can easily identify the additional services, expertise, benefits, etc. you provide compared to other brands, stores, etc., you are actively promoting your additional value and what sets your business apart from the other guys.

The difference between a customer buying your $20 blender vs. another company’s $20 blender can really boil down to the additional value your brand provides and how well you are able to market and promote those benefits.

This concept not only helps to convert new consumers who visit your website but also plays an important factor in customer retention and reminding your current or past clients why they can expect the best possible service from your company. Create marketing copy and promotions that discuss why paying X amount for a service/product saves you money in the long run by discussing the long-term value and other angles that stress the quality and service your company can provide that others cannot.

It’s simply not enough to say, “Buy from us, we’re great”. When people are constantly comparison shopping for the best deals you need to convince your online visitors that your company provides them with the most value for their dollar, i.e. “We’re great because our products come with X,Y, and Z benefits, quality customer service, easy returns, free shipping, personal shoppers, etc.”

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