The most dangerous search terms on the net

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A new study by the antivirus software company, McAfee, has identified search terms that are likely to subject a computer to malicious software or “malware.”

According to an article on, McAfee reviewed 2,600 keywords on Google, Yahoo, Life, AOL, and Ask, and analyzed 413,000 pages of content on the web.

The study identified categories of terms, as well as specific terms, that are considered “risky,” or likely to result in an encounter with malware.

The following categories were identified as risky:

  • Screen savers
  • Free games
  • Work from home
  • Olympics
  • Videos
  • Celebrities
  • Music
  • News

Terms that you should avoid searching with are as follows:

  • Word unscrambler
  • Lyrics
  • Myspace
  • Free music downloads
  • Phelps
  • Game cheats
  • Printable fill-in puzzles
  • Free ringtones
  • Solitaire

To read the full article on about dangerous search terms, click here.

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