Dell Reports $3 Million in Sales Through Twitter

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June 12, 2009 – For those who still believe there is no way for companies to turn a profit through social media network Twitter, the folks at Dell would kindly like to disagree.

Dell has reported over $3 million in sales as a direct result of Twitter followers clicking through Dell’s tweets (Twitter posts) to their websites and making a purchase. In fact, Dell’s tracking software also found that their Twitter posts resulted $1 million in sales over the past 6 months alone.

Dell has been happily tweeting over the past two years but is one of the first major companies to report such huge sales numbers as a direct result from their Twitter account.

Since Twitter is currently free for everyone (including multi-billion dollar corporations like Dell), it seems like more and more companies will continue to embrace social media marketing, possibly using Dell’s example of how to translate social media interaction to direct sales.

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