Die Fail Whale Die! Twitter’s New Game Lets Users Get Downtime Revenge

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July 6, 2009 – (via Mashable) 26-year-old designer and developer Andrew Conn is responsible for the new addictive Twitter game that lets users get sweet revenge on the adorable image they hate most – The Fail Whale.

Twitter introduced the Fail Whale image to let users know when Twitter is experiencing a downtime, and now, thanks to Conn’s new game, Twitterers can spend 25 seconds to see just how many sweet little Fail Whales they can kill in the first-person shooting game, aptly titled: Die Fail Whale.

When you’re done playing, users have the added option of publishing their score to their tweets to compare with friends who will no doubt be logging in a few Die Fail Whale minutes here and there between posts.

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