What is The Difference Between Web Development and SEO?

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It’s important to recognize the difference between hiring a web developer or designer and hiring an SEO for help with your website.

In the video below we discuss and review the differences between web development and an SEO.

I was compelled to write and video this post because of the questions and issues some of our prospects and clients were having when they came to us for a technical audit.  We realized the technical SEO issues their website was having after getting a new website design and web development project. It’s important to understand that SEO and Web Development are two different skill sets and at best scenario they should be going hand in hand just like content goes with SEO.

A few tips when redesigning your website:

  • Run your website through a technical SEO analysis
  • Optimize images for search (this helps with site speed)
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Look for duplicate content
  • Look for bad links
  • Make sure name, address, phone are correct on all pages

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