Discover Two Paths to Your Website and How to Lead Clients to Them

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Your website is an important extension of your business marketing. Aside from giving customers valuable information, it also serves to establish authority and inspire trust in your company. This all-important marketing tool is something very few businesses can do without – that is, if your customers find your site.

There are two main ways people find websites: knowing the business and knowing what they’re looking for. These two types of searchers boil down to reputation and search optimization, both of which rely heavily on quality content.

When Customers Already Know You, They Know Where to Find You

Most people don’t have to search Google for Best Buy’s website – they know it’s Your web URL should be as close to your business name as possible and be on all of your marketing materials along with your address and phone number. In today’s marketing world, a web URL is basically an extension of your contact information.

Short, easy-to-remember web addresses are the key to better word of mouth marketing. If a customer of yours is talking about your business to another, they probably won’t remember your address or phone number, but may recall your website address.

Aside from a good URL, what makes a business website memorable enough to recall without searching? Good design and good content. Building your content library to be the most robust, authoritative source on your industry is the goal when you’re creating content. Visitors will remember your site when they need information on your industry.

When Customers Know What They Want, They Turn To Google for the Answer

In most cases, a potential client will know what they want, but are unsure where to find it or which website is the best resource for information or to buy a product. For example, a person injured in an auto accident will know she needs a personal injury attorney, but may not know who’s in the area and which attorney is the best fit for their needs.

This is where your content kicks into high gear. Your website and a particular web page should grab the attention of the search engines as being relevant and authoritative. A lot of this depends on impressing the reader with quality content.

Your content needs to really hit the mark for what the searcher is looking for, but also not become too involved or wordy. It should address the reader’s needs in enough depth to establish yourself as an authority.

No Matter How They Find You, Your Content Needs to Shine

Whether your potential customers come to you directly by typing your URL into their browser or through a search engine, the goal is still the same: have quality content that converts. Don’t just answer questions or give information, inspire your readers to act! Offer them more: more information (eBooks, newsletters), more help (consultations, product demos/samples), more ways to connect (contact form, social channels). The more you give, the more leads you can generate!

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