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Blog Series: The Awesome Power of Facebook’s Like

August 22, 2011 – Have you ever wanted your own personal marketing team? If your business has a Facebook fan page, you’ve already got one!

Fans of your Facebook business page act like your own viral marketing team without even knowing it. The best part is, they’re relatively free! You don’t have to pay for them, and they do the work without being asked…it’s a marketer’s dream. Basically, it all boils down to the fact that the interactions between your fans and your business page acts like a widespread announcement on a PA system. Anything your fans do with your page can be seen by all their friends.

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of building a social media fanbase, and how obtaining new fans can be critical to your Internet marketing projects. We even shared our own tips for gaining new fans through our Back to School contest (which ends in 3 days – keep fanning and we’ll donate another backpack!).

If you took our advice and put those tips to work you should have a nice following of new fans, and it’s time to put them to work. Of course, getting fans to become a marketing powerhouse for you for free is going to involve some investment of time and resources of your own. That’s where We Do Web Content is there to help.

Our social media marketing service helps businesses establish and build a social media following through custom Facebook pages, networking strategies, and content aggregation. After we help grow your fan base, we teach you how to harness their marketing power and reach beyond your first level of fans.

This week we’ll be discussing the power of a “like” to your page, and explore the layer of potential clients that lies beyond your first-level fans: friends of fans. You’ll soon learn that while your direct fans are important, it’s the reach they extend to potential fans (their friends) that determines their true worth.

Search engines will be scrambling to showcase your website, newsletters, and blogs when youboost your Internet marketing with We Do Web Content! Having unique content on your website is a great way to increase search rankings and reach those new clients through better online exposure. For affordable, quality content exclusive to YOUR website, contact us today!  1-888-521-3880.