Do Something Special With Your Blog to Keep Your Readers

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December 27, 2010 – We’re back to normal here at the WDWC blog, but don’t worry, we’ve got another great year coming full of great tips and news for content marketing and using your Web content to promote your business online. We wanted to take this time to reflect on our 12 Days of Christmas special feature and how it illustrates the importance of content marketing.

When you deviate from your normal blogging schedule and content you can draw new attention from your readers if you do it right. Blogs can get stale if they keep reporting the same information post after post, and doing something like our 12 Days shakes things up and prevents your readers from getting bored. If readers keep seeing the same kind of content over and over, they’ll eventually just stop revisiting your blog. Giving them something new every now and then can re-establish your readers’ interest and help your blog retain its value.

The 12 Days feature not only drew attention from current WDWC blog readers, but also spurred them to share the content with their friends, which is the goal of all your blog posts. Creating interesting content that your readers will want to share will in turn get you new readers that are interested in what your blog has to offer!

If anything, you’ll find it a nice change from your normal blogging routine to experiment with your blog style and content. We had fun going back through our old blogs and picking out the more memorable and interesting entries to revisit and refresh for the end of the year. You can avoid burning out on blogging by changing things up with a special feature blog. That’s how our Fun Fridays came about!

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