Do You Have Enough FAQs?

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August 10, 2009 – People often neglect the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of their website, if they even have one at all. FAQs are really important for your website for several reasons:

1. They give valuable information to your visitors about your services, products, company policies, and so on.
2. They are great SEO content opportunities that help increase your website’s search engine results and page rankings.

What Should I Write About in My FAQs?

The great part about SEO content is that it builds your website’s credibility along with your organic search results. FAQs are SEO opportunities waiting to happen. After all, your potential clients might not understand a lot about your business, even when they know they require your services.

For example, many people may find themselves in need of a bankruptcy lawyer, but probably don’t understand a lot about bankruptcy law. The FAQ section of a bankruptcy lawyer’s website could have several FAQS that define important terms and processes the average person might be completely unfamiliar with. They can discuss pricing guide lines, how the laws in their state affect bankruptcy proceedings, what people can expect as they go through various bankruptcy proceedings, and so on.

This way, your potential client gets the information they are looking for to help them make the most informed choice possible, they are already on your website which drastically increases your chance of this visitor becoming a great lead, and the information from your FAQ will show up in organic search results, which will drive more potential clients to your website overall.

It’s also remember to keep in mind that FAQS can be added constantly. There are always new questions that need to be answers, policies that can be explained, information to be shared. If your website only has 6 or 7 FAQs, just think of all the SEO content possibilities you are missing out on.

It’s a win-win all around. So when was the last time you added a new FAQ to your website?

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