Do You Have the Luck ‘o The Search Engines?

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March 17, 2011 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s time to put on your finest green garb, stuff yourself full of corned beef and cabbage dinner, and if you’re of age, drink (responsibly!) a green beer or two!

While holidays like this one are normally seen as an excuse to party, this year seems a bit subdued on the search engine front. For the first time in years, Google has neglected to showcase a St. Patrick’s Day logo, and the absence is also noted at Yahoo. Both search engines feature a special logo on their Ireland sites, but the US and other countries are left out of the festivities.

Other search engines like Bing, Dogpile and Ask are all sporting the green with scenes of Irish forests, rainbows, pots of gold, shamrocks, and decked-out mascots. So what gives, Google?


Some suspect that it may have to do with the crisis in Japan, and Google doesn’t want to take their homepage focus away from their resources link for the earthquake/tsunami disaster. Only the Google Gurus know for sure, but in the meantime you can still embrace the luck ‘o the Irish by improving on your search rankings!

Does your business do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day like sales or a party/contest? Make sure you’ve got some content on your website or blog talking about it! Around the holidays the specific keywords related to that holiday are popular queries, meaning you can jump on these results – IF you’re smart about it.

Combining geo-specific keywords along with holiday-related keywords can give a double dose of luck to your search engine rankings around the holidays. For example, if you’re a DUI defense attorney in South Florida you should definitely post a blog about the dangers of drinking green beer and driving home from a St. Patrick’s Day party on South Beach.

By pairing keywords specific to both the holiday festivities and your geographic location you can grab some of those ultra-specific search queries that come from serious clients. You may think that really specific keywords aren’t going to get you much volume, but remember that the search results you do get are the clients that are really looking FOR YOU!

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