Don’t Cut Corners With Your Local Search Profile Content

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As you may already know, having duplicate content on any website is a huge red flag for Google Panda. Even though the updates to Panda have decreased, the super-sensitive search algorithm is still keeping a watchful paw on sites that have duplicated content.

Optimizing your business’ Internet marketing with local enhanced search results will mean you’re creating multiple profiles across several services. After setting a few of these up, you’ll notice that many have similar fields for adding keyword-enhanced content.

While populating these fields with SEO content is a great idea, cutting corners by copying the same content over multiple sites is not. You need to make sure that every “about us” or “company description” is unique to that local business directory.

There are times when some services pull information from other services to populate your profile (common on CitySearch which draws from YellowPages). This is something that typically cannot be avoided, but so far has not shown to be an issue since the information from the other source is cited.

The process of creating and managing unique local business listings on several business directories can be tedious and time-consuming. However, the benefits of local enhanced search results on your Internet marketing are well worth the investment. If you want help in creating unique content and managing your listings, contact We Do Web Content.

Make Sure Your Clients Find Your Local Business Listings!

Local enhanced search results can give your business Internet marketing advantages. By optimizing the content on your local business listings with keywords targeted to the search queries your clients use most often you can capture the leads to grow your business!

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