Don’t DO Social – BE Social

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Have you ever heard someone say they “do social media”? Sounds like a job, doesn’t it? The point of social media, even if it’s social media for marketing purposes, isn’t to “DO” social, it’s to “BE” social!

If you’re posting your web content to social media and drumming up followers purely for business purposes, that’s fine. Still, you have to interact with the content you post and the followers you engage, otherwise you’re just another automated page out in the news feeds and Twitter streams.

Interaction and Engagement are How to Really Market on Social Media

According to HubSpot, 70 percent of business-to-consumer companies have acquired a customer through Facebook. In a lot of instances, customers don’t just blankly patronize a business without interacting with it a bit. This may be as simple as checking the business’s website for hours, or contacting it to ask if it carries a particular item or brand.

Check out your local news channels for their “best of” lists and you’re sure to find local businesses with a healthy social media presence. They aren’t on those lists just because they have the best coffee or they’re the most popular attorney in town – they’re also there because they’ve built a loyal following.

In today’s highly social society, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the way businesses reach out to their customers. Daily specials can be pushed to thousands of followers with the click of a mouse, and questions can be posed and answered nearly instantly with a single Facebook message.

If You Feel Social Media is a Chore, You’re Not Doing it Right

If you catch yourself saying, “Oh, I have to go do my social media now,” it sounds like you’re making social media a chore rather than a break from the normal day-to-day work. Social media is supposed to be a lighter side of business marketing and a more personal way to interact with your clients.

Look forward to your daily social media posts – use them to not only share your own content but also share content relevant to your business, community, and industry. Pique your followers’ interest with more than just your latest article, pop up a link to the county fair coming this weekend or share a photo of your HR manager’s new granddaughter – make sure your social stays social!

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