Don’t Let Gmail’s New Tabs Keep Clients From Reading Your eNewsletters

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Gmail recently rolled out a new feature – e-mail sorting tabs – that automatically categorizes incoming e-mails. Do you know where your eNewsletters are falling?

The most important thing is that your e-mails are going directly to your clients’ inboxes. No spam filters, no auto-sorting; they need to be right in front of their noses or your content may be ignored!

Back at the end of May 2013 Gmail rolled out the tabs feature to its users with the enhanced inbox. The new system automatically places e-mails into one of five categories: primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. Users can move e-mails into different tabs and request that Gmail places all future messages from that sender in a specific tab.

Sounds great for users trying to organize their inbox, but it could be a detriment to your business’s eNewsletters!

Tips to Tackle Gmail’s New Tabs

Even e-mail marketing services like MailChimp haven’t found a sender-side solution for getting your eNewsletters and marketing mail into a user’s primary tab. To quote MailChimp’s blog, “There aren’t any good answers here, because Gmail is really good at what they do.”

If you subscribe to any popular daily e-mails like Groupon you may have received a notice from their service instructing Gmail users on how to make sure they continue to see the daily e-mails in their primary tab. It’s simple – all a user has to do is drag and drop the e-mail into the tab in which they want it to automatically appear and then click “Yes” at the notification that appears at the top of the inbox asking if the user wants all future e-mails from that address to go to that tab.

These simple instructions are all you have to send your e-mail lists – and then hope your readers follows through. So far, that’s all an e-mail campaign can do to improve their chances of appearing in the primary tab rather than the promotions tab where users often neglect messages.

The suggestion going out among e-mail marketers is to send the instructions for permanently filtering eNewsletters to e-mail recipients as soon as possible. While most Gmail users who subscribe to multiple promotional e-mails have probably already seen these tips, remind them that your content belongs in the primary tab!

eNewsletters and E-mail Marketing Can Work for You!

As of June 28, 2012 there were 425 million active Gmail users across the globe. A mere four months later, Internet statistics site ComScore revealed that Gmail had surpassed Hotmail as the world’s largest e-mail provider. With so many people using Gmail as their primary e-mail service you can’t afford to let your e-mail marketing efforts go to waste because you’re not keeping up with the e-mail giant’s latest developments.

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