Don’t Start Writing Without Web Content Goals in Place

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Do you have a goal for your web content and Internet marketing?

We need goals for two reasons: to measure our rate of success and to justify our work. If you don’t have an end goal in mind for your work, what’s the purpose in doing it? And if you don’t have a goal to progress towards, how do you know that the work you are doing is successful?

There are plenty of ways to measure the success of your web content – analytics, web traffic, impressions, followers, leads – but before you get into determining HOW to measure your success you need to determine WHAT success means for your business.

What can web content do for you?

When we begin working with new businesses to provide them with quality, relevant content we ask our clients: what is your goal for your web content? We get a variety of answers:

  • I want to attract new clients.
  • I want to get more of a certain type of clients.
  • I want to remove negative comments/reviews about my business.
  • I want to increase my business’s popularity in the local area.
  • I want to become a “household name” in my industry.
  • I want to build my professional network by becoming a leader in my field.

These answers lead us to two main types of content: content that speaks directly to certain types of clients to attract them to that business, and content that specifically builds the reputation of the business or owner.

Attracting Clients to Your Business with Web Content

When gaining clients is your goal, you’ll want to focus on the type of client you want. Some businesses, such as retail shops, just want a bigger volume of clients to improve their sales. Other businesses, such as law firms, want a certain type of client to improve their case history.

Knowing the type of client you want to attract – broad or narrow – is the best method for focusing your web content and Internet marketing on targeting those specific audiences. If you know your ideal clients are using Facebook and want to know who can help them if they’ve been charged with a crime and are also facing deportation, you know you need to have an article or blog about your criminal defense and immigration law firm syndicated on your Facebook page.

Improving Your Reputation with Web Content

The right web content can help you build a name and professional reputation in your field, both on a local and a national level. One of our favorite methods of Internet content marketing is to promote our clients’ knowledge and experience in their field by authoring eBooks.

When you are a published author on a subject related to your business, it gives you a great deal more integrity than just another run-of-the-mill business owner. It’s also a great marketing tool – when a potential client signs up to receive a copy of your book, their contact info is yours to follow-up with them!

Even the general web content on your site – articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters – all builds your reputation as an authority in your industry. Just remember, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to web content. It’s great to have hundreds of articles, but those articles better be relevant, accurate, and well-written to be of any use to your marketing strategy!

Let Us Help You Figure Out Your Web Content Goals

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