Don’t Be Spooked by Black Hat SEO this Halloween

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October 31, 2011 – Happy Halloween! Has anyone guessed what Browser is for Halloween?


He’s Black Hat SEO! We thought it’s only appropriate that our Google Panda dresses up as the arch nemesis he’s been created to slay. The Google Panda updates continue to roll out and crush the ugly world of Black Hat SEO, making Internet content cleaner and of better quality!

If you’re not familiar with the term “black hat,” in a nutshell, Black Hat SEO is:

  • keyword stuffing;
  • hidden keywords;
  • irrelevant keywords;
  • lackluster content; and
  • gateway pages (those with nothing but keywords and a button to the real website).

Black Hat SEO really became popular in the ’90s and early 2000s when the concept of Internet search ranking for business became extremely popular. When eCommerce became the mainstay of economic growth, websites were doing all they could to drive traffic to their sites – including these unscrupulous SEO tactics.

Luckily, Google and other search engines have continued to take notice of these unfair practices and launched algorithm programs like Panda to counteract the Black Hat SEO tactics. The more evolved Panda becomes, the cleaner and more relevant our search results will become!

It’s not just the search engine’s job to counter Black Hat SEO practices. Content providers can do their part by making sure the content they’re creating and distributing is clean, relevant, and high quality.

When you work with a seasoned content company like We Do Web Content that knows its Panda, you’ll get content that reads naturally, uses relevant and high function keywords, and converts readers to clients. There’s no reason to try to “game” the search engine results with Black Hat SEO when your content is good enough to drive up your website traffic!

At WDWC we don’t just write content and pop it up on your website, we also offer social media marketing services and content distribution as well. Because, hey, what’s great content worth if no one is sharing it?

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