Don’t Forget Time Zones Still Exist on the Internet

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October 24, 2011 – This morning we were discussing potential meeting times for a consultation with a client. They said that a web conference around 11AM would work, otherwise they’d have to put us off until 1PM that afternoon. We were all ready to accept either time when it occurred to us, they were on the west coast – did they mean their time zone or ours?

If you’re marketing nationally, this can make a BIG difference when you’re scheduling your next Facebook post or tweet. If you’re on the east coast, you’re going to want to maximize your exposure by posting later in the morning due to the 3 hours time difference as you head west. West coast businesses need to work earlier or risk posting when potential east coast clients are heading to bed.


Whether you’re looking to expand your social media reach locally or nationally you first need to figure out the best time to post. If your target client market is generally the 9-5 job type, they’re most likely checking their social media either first thing in the morning before work or later in the evening. If your clients are business types, they may be checking at work, too, mid-morning or before leaving.

After a little research, just remember to add or subtract an hour or three before posting if you’re going to target a specific time zone. The Internet may have connected us to the other side of the continent instantly, but it can’t escape the time zones!

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