Don’t Ignore Your Search Engine Marketing for Social Media

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May 27, 2010 – It seems that every time a new Internet marketing method comes out everyone jumps on the bandwagon and forgets the proven methods for a time. If it’s a flash in the pan, online marketers come crawling back to the tried and true methods, like search engine results, to regain their website traffic.

Smart marketers know that experimenting with new online marketing systems, like social media, is a good strategy when you still keep your existing methods in place. Throwing all your online marketing eggs into a new basket is never a wise choice, and if you’ve been finding success in search engine marketing you need to keep it up.

This year it’s expected that 70% of companies involved in online marketing will increase their spending in social media. However, 68% will still be increasing their expenditure in search engine marketing (also known as natural marketing). Even with the huge popularity of social media as a marketing tool, search engine placement is still ranking just as high in importance.

When an online marketing method manages to hold its ground even against a new group of trends like Facebook and Twitter, it’s proven its worth to companies to invest their marketing dollars in. Search engine placement and SEO is a nearly $11 billion industry and expected to keep growing.

While social media helps companies connect with their consumers and build brand reputation and recognition, search engine placement is still the cornerstone of being found and hired on the Internet. Most consumers go to social media to socialize and have fun, and search engines when they’re looking for a  new company or product to use.

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