Don’t Rely on Your Home Page to Convert Your Visitors Into Clients

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April 13, 2010 – When a potential client is using a search engine, like Google or Bing, to find an attorney website, they’ll see a bunch of similar links and have little to go by when picking one. Often times, they’ll just click through them until something catches their eye. We refer to this as The Four Second Rule, wherein you have 4 seconds to grab their attention as they scan your home page.

Your home page should be clean and to the point, but the two most important things are that it; has a call to action and a way to contact you. The contact is as simple as placing your address and phone number on your website header, or linking to a “contact us” page. The call to action is the trickier part. One of the best ways to hook a visitor is to offer them something FREE — link to how they can get a copy of your FREE guide to personal injury claims, or how to schedule their FREE case evaluation.

Your home page needs to entice your visitors into interacting with your website and ultimately filling out that contact form. The content on your home page, as well as other pages, should create a connected link back to itself. Always refer back to your own work . For example, in your blog on the recent changes to DUI law, refer to the article in your DUI library on common arrest procedure mistakes. The more your content connects to itself, the longer you keep your client’s attention focused on YOUR firm.

Visitors come to your website looking for information. Having clear links on your home page to libraries of articles, blogs full of content relevant to your practice, and FAQs with answers to their questions are all things your potential clients desire to find from your home page. We Do Web Content can provide your website with the content you need to push your visitors beyond your home page and convert them into clients. Contact us today to get started!  1-888-521-3880