eBook Marketing is Easy When You Know What Clients Want

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One of the things you should be considering when a marketing strategy involves that you promote your eBook is what type of information your book will be selling. It’s easy to go way out of scope with eBook content and once you get writing, it can be hard to stick to a 30-50 page limit.

One of the first steps we take at We Do Web Content when developing an eBook for our clients is to research the topics that are most relevant and interesting to their clients. Your eBook needs to not only be informative, but also relevant to potential clients’ interests. They’ll be more likely to fill out your contact form and learn about your services when your eBook engages them properly.

To generate good ideas for an eBook, start by considering the following things:

  • Who are the clients you want to reach?
  • What questions do they have about your industry or services?
  • Why would they need to consult or hire your company? and
  • How do they like to consume information?

When you’ve answered these questions you should have a pretty good idea of where to start with creating a free eBook promotion. But if this seems like a complex and daunting task (and it can be) remember that you have the option of working with a professional eBook content service like We Do Web Content!

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