Election 2012: Newsjacking for Content Marketing Revisited

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Everyone’s talking about the presidential election 2012 and it’s sparking political debate all over the Internet. You don’t need to get involved in politics to use this Internet buzz to your advantage with the right content marketing strategies. With a little secret known as newsjacking you can grab some of the politically-charged search rankings without getting into an Obama vs. Romney debate.

First, here’s a refresher on newsjacking. We covered the topic around this time last year and it’s one of the rare SEO practices that’s still relevant a year later! Basically, newsjacking is where you develop a unique piece of content related to a current event. Right now, if your content is focused on the presidential election 2012, you’re more apt to be ranking higher when people search for politically-related keywords.

Just in this blog, we’re working on ranking ourselves for “election 2012” by using it casually in our content marketing plan for this blog entry. Notice that we aren’t even really writing about politics – but the search engines are definitely picking up that this content IS talking about the election.

An example of how to stay politically neutral but still add some timely keyword ranking magic to your content marketing is to relate your practice to the elections in general. If you’re writing about your Social Security disability benefits practice, you may want to mention that the outcome of the presidential election 2012 may have future impact on how benefits are awarded.

You don’t have to go into detail about what either candidate has to say about Social Security, Medicare, or any other political topics. Just make sure you’re picking a relevant keyword and using it naturally in your content. This strategy takes a little practice, but it can be a benefit to you with any major news buzz.

The top ranking websites on Google are full of relevant, informative and timely content – is yours? When you’re running a successful business you don’t always have time to generate that kind of web content on your own – and that’s where We Do Web Content can help!

Utilizing this kind of content marketing takes experience and focus to make sure you’re not creating empty or confusing content that forgets the real purpose of your industry. If you’re unsure about newsjacking to write about current event topics, whether it’s election 2012 or other relevant topics, let a team with the right experience take care of it for you!

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