Email Sharing: People Are Still Emailing Links

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August 19, 2009 – Everyone loves to share information and get information from their friends, that’s what made social media so popular and that is why I still get at least 2-3 forwarded emails a day from my mother containing adorable pictures of kittens or flash animations about friendship. Over the past few months though, social media overtook email in the how are you sharing your info and/or links race.

Well email fans can rejoice because sharing through email is still a pretty popular and viable method for swapping info (for better or worse). Mashable is reporting that a new study by eMarketer revealed that 41% of online retailers include an option to share that info through email while only 6% feature a function to share that info on social media.

At this point it either seems like email marketers just really love their email, or are a bit behind in the times and haven’t figure out that whole social media thing yet.

Do you think forwarding emails is sooo 2005 or you will you forward your emails forever (vs sharing through social media networks)? Leave a comment and let us know!

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