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Legal web content can be a tricky area for business article marketing when you’re not working with a legal web content provider. Over the years, we’ve learned the best methods to creating web content that converts readers to clients, and the answer is simple – just listen!

Improve your Business Article Marketing by Listening to your Employees

The people in your office that interact with your clients on a day to day basis are the ones that know your audience best. When writing legal web content, it’s important to speak at the same level that your clients do, and the employees that interact with your clients will know what words and phrases they use when talking about your services.

For example, you might tell your colleagues that you practice premises liability law. If you asked your clients what they were looking for after suffering a broken hip when they slipped in a puddle at the grocery store, they’d probably say they’re looking for a slip and fall lawyer.

Don’t assume that just because you use certain terminology in the office, it is effective in your business article marketing. Too much legal jargon or complicated explanations of statutes may harm your business article marketing strategy which is to develop attractive, easy to understand web content.

As a web content provider, we ask our own clients what kind of language they use in their daily work, and also ask what they think their clients use as keywords for their practice. This helps with our keyword research process as we develop a web content plan that targets the most relevant keywords based on these starting points.

Customer Interactions Can Build Your Legal Blog Web Content

As you interact with your clients you can use those interactions as a source of web content for your legal blog. While you must ensure you are upholding the attorney-client confidentiality agreements, you can still get creative with blog topics generated from experiences in your daily work.

For example, if you have successfully settled a case for a client, you get to see the positive change you have made in their lives. This experience may be captured in the form of a testimonial for your website, but may also be expanded upon firsthand in your legal blog.

While a good web content provider will ensure it’s providing the best attorney content for your site, that doesn’t mean it has to do all the work. When you take time to write a personal legal blog from your own voice it can lend an extra level of sincerity and authority to your website.

We Do Web Content – A Web Content Provider for Law Firms

When you work with a web content provider focused on legal content you’re placing your business article marketing and blog content in the hands of professionals who speak the legal language. Writing for law firms is different than writing for other businesses, and We Do Web Content gets that.

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