Essentials for Your Local Business Listing

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Blog Series: Oh! the Places Your Business Can Go

August 10, 2011 – A big part of Internet marketing is giving your clients the information they’re looking for, but you also need some good eye-catches as well!

Every local business listing website has their own set of information fields to enter and media to provide to enhance your listing. Some may just be small fields for text only, while others allow you to spruce up your space with photos, video, and more robust profile areas.


While each site is different, you should have the opportunity to showcase at least this basic information: 

  • business name;
  • address;
  • phone number
  • email or website (preferably both);
  • industry or services offered;
  • hours of operation;
  • area located (specific to neighborhoods/cities/counties if possible);
  • identifying image (logo, headshot, etc.); and
  • an “about us” “description” or “information” section.

How much additional content you provide is dependent on what the local business listing website allows and whether or not you’re willing to pay the extra for it (for those that offer paid listing enhancements).

When opting for paid listing enhancements you’re going to want to keep a close eye on whether or not they’re actually improving your views. Start out the first month with just the basic, free listing. Then after a month, try the paid enhancement of your choice. Compare the two months and judge whether or not it was worth the expense.

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