Even Simon Cowell Knows SEO Counts!

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August 20, 2010 – When you think about SEO, you’re probably not thinking about former American Idol judge Simon Cowell, are you?

Rumor has it that Mr. Cowell hired an SEO firm to help de-rank a few blogs that had criticized the celebrity in recent posts and move all the popular “good Cowell news” to the top ranks. His U.K. spokeswoman, Ann-Marit Thompson, calls the accusations “conspiracy theories” and says nothing is being done by Cowell to alter his Internet buzz.

Simon Cowell

Simon could dish it out on Idol, but couldn’t handle critics in real life?

One blogger, Hans Ebert, wrote a not-so-positive essay on August 5th calling Cowell “the Sarah Palin of music” and other digs at the celebrity producer. Within a few hours, Ebert’s blog was deactivated by WordPress for violating the Terms of Condition. No word exactly what the violation was.

After a 12 hour downtime while Ebert sorted the problem out with WordPress, his blog was back up and live. A bit of investigation revealed a SEO company run out of Bangalore, hired by a company based out of London. This company was known to “monitor” news posted on the Internet of a few “name personalities”

Whether or not Cowell is really involved in these practices is left to the critics and fans to discuss, but it does show the power of SEO really does matter! With enough dedication and proper keyword placement, you can alter search engine results to boost your page to trump other similar sites.

Of course, there are many shady SEO practices out there that the search engines strive to catch and negate from altering their search results. This is known as Black Hat SEO and is frowned upon by legitimate SEO companies like We Do Web Content.

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