Event Marketing Examples from the GLM Convention Floor

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September 8, 2011 – Things may be getting ready to wrap up at the GLM Rescue Mission in New Jersey, but we’re still pumped for all the great marketing ideas swirling around the room!

Topics today have touched on practically anywhere your marketing reach can take you – from social media to newsletters and even more ways to make use of YouTube. If you haven’t been following the #glmrescuemission hash tag, fire up your browser and catch up on the day’s top tips!

One of the topics that’s often ignored by businesses as a marketing opportunity is event marketing. Right now, We Do Web Content is doing just that as we network with attorneys and marketers from our snazzy table:


It just so happens that a new report on the impact of event marketing landed in our inbox today, andsome of the numbers may be surprising: 

  • The average company spends less than 20% of its budget on event marketing.
  • E-mail campaigns are still the most widely used method of event marketing.
  • 47% of companies still SNAIL MAIL their event invites!
  • 40% of companies have joined the digital age and promote their events through social media.
  • Only 1/3 of companies are making use of press releases to market events.

There’s so much untapped potential in event marketing, and any business can do it! You don’t need to put on a huge day-long conference like our friends at Great Legal Marketing do from time to time. You can learn from small local businesses, too, with a great event marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for the best type of content and venues to publish the information on your business’ next event, let We Do Web Content help! Our press release, newsletter, social media and e-mail campaign services will help spread the word to your clients and help make your event a well-attended success!

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