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Blog Series: Marketing Your Social Media

June 30, 2011 
– What better way to close out the month than by celebrating Social Media Day! Yes, for reasons unknown June 30 has been dubbed Social Media Day by all the lovers of “likes” out there. Fun Fact/Internet Mystery: If you search “social media day” on Wikipedia, it redirects to the June 30 article, but actually doesn’t mention the “holiday” on the page!

So what does one do to celebrate this fledgling Internet holiday? Mashable has a page showing offsocial media Tweets (the hashtag is #smday) and suggests social media meetups in your local area. At We Do Web Content, we’re suggesting 4 tips to give your Facebook profile a mini-makeover!

Tip 1 – Exfoliate Your Photo Strip. 
Ever notice the 5-photo strip on top of your profile page? If you hover over a photo that’s up there, you see a black X box in the upper right corner, allowing you to prevent that photo from displaying (don’t worry, it’s still in your galleries). Try to leave up photos that show fun office stories or promote visitors to click and find out more about what’s going on.

Tip 2 – Give Your Featured Likes a Facial. 
The pages your page “likes” show up on the left sidebar and feature the 5 most recent likes. You’ll want to go into your page settings and the “Featured” menu to select which 5 you want to appear. Try to choose either important partner pages or those that are visually appealing.

Tip 3 – Tummy-tuck Your Tabs.
 There are a ton of apps you can add as tabs to your page, and they all appear on the lower left of your page sidebar. The Wall and Info can’t be adjusted, but the other 6 that appear can. Click the “More” option under your tabs and an “Edit” link will appear. This allows you to X out any tabs that are broken, outdated, or not useful to users. You can also drag tabs up and down to arrange them in order of importance.

Tip 4 – Glamour Shots for Your Profile Pic.
 Most users take the ability to have a main profile pic for granted. If you’re just throwing a logo up there, chances are you’re not using this ad space to your best advantage. Make sure you’re using a high enough resolution image and taking advantage of the whole space in the upper left corner of your page. Don’t forget to properly crop and position the thumbnail, too, because it’s your page’s face on everyone else’s profiles!


Of course, there’s a lot more that can be done to jazz up your Facebook profile like custom layouts and 3rd party apps. These are a bit more involved and sometimes require professional designers to accomplish. At We Do Web Content we offer these services to our clients to help them maximize their social media marketing abilities!

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