Facebook and Google to Take On Bit.ly

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December 15, 2009 – The battle of the link shorteners has just entered a new chapter as both Google and Facebook have entered the URL shortening game with Goo.gl and fb.me (respectively).

Ever since Twitter made Bit.ly their default link shortener last May, the service has since become the industry leader in URL shortening. We Do Web Content also uses Bit.ly links when we post our blogs or other content to social marketing services like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Right now Facebook’s version, Fb.me is available for sharing links from Facebook profiles, mobile usage and Facebook usernames and Google’s URL shortner, Goo.gl is currently only operating on 2 of Google’s services, Feedburner and the Google Toolbar. While these are clearly just the jumping off point for Facebook and Google, it will be exciting to see if and how Bit.ly will step up their game.

Right now Bit.ly has a pretty big advantage by offering fabulous analytics tracking along with their link shorteners (not to forget their Twitter affiliation), and are even rolling out a personalized version of the service (Bit.ly Pro) currently being tested by companies like Tech Crunch, Aol, Bing, the Huffington Post, and few other very notable brands.]

We’re excited to see how this all plays out!

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