Facebook Cover Policy Changes: Social Media Marketing News

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Facebook ended 2012 with yet another policy change and this time it’s targeting your business page’s cover photo. Social media marketing and Internet marketing in general are worlds in which constant change is to be expected. Make sure you keep up with the latest changes in social media policies, SEO, and more.

Compliance with Your Facebook Cover Image

The cover image on your Facebook page is the large banner graphic that appears at the top of your timeline. When Facebook Timeline first rolled out, businesses used this space as a giant print-ad, peppering it with text screaming offers, discounts, and contests.

The Facebook team quickly squashed that ability, adding to their terms of use a list of unacceptable practices such as:

  • listing price or purchasing information;
  • including contact information that should be in the page’s “About” section;
  • using calls to action; and
  • referring to Facebook features such as “liking” or sharing a page.

Basically, the company wants the cover image to be a cosmetic tool and not a sales area – it has sidebar ads and featured posts to sell to you for that purpose!

The latest update to the cover image terms is the stipulation that no more than 20 percent of your image can be text. We can think of two reasons this happened: to cut down on promotional copy that could be used to “sell” and also because text in a graphic cannot be easily reviewed by non-human methods.

However, to help the screening process, Facebook has developed an automated tool that scans cover photos and images used in promoted posts to check if they are compliant with the new 20-percent rule.

Don’t Shy Away From Images in Social Media Marketing

Just because Facebook changes part of its terms of use doesn’t mean you should give it up. Images are still a big part of social media marketing because they’re quick ways to generate interest.

Remember the last time you scrolled through your news feed – which posts jumped out the most?

If you answered “the ones with interesting images” you join the majority of social media users. Images generate interest whether they’re funny, dramatic, or artistic. Continue to use them on your company’s page to reach your followers.

We Use Images and You Should, Too!

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