Facebook Fan Pages: What Brands Aren’t Living Up to Their Potential?

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June 19, 2009 – It’s pretty clear by now that every company needs a Facebook fan page, but not all companies on Facebook are using their fan pages as well as they could be.

According to a new report titled, “Best & Worst of Facebook Marketing Report 2009” some major brands need a major lesson in social networking 101. The report, which was published in a blog inside Facebook, exposes the 30 brands and organizations that aren’t living up to their true social media potential.

Those included on the list are Facebook fan pages (as reported by Mediapost) that should have a lot more fans than they currently do, such as: Propel (7,823 fans), Dell (331,311 fans) [side note – Dell’s low fan numbers are crazy considering the runaway success they are having on Twitter], Geico (4,869 fans), and The Wall Street Journal (15,179 fans).

Perhaps these brands should spend a little more time checking out the pages that are doing it right like Barack Obama’s fan page (6.4 million) and amazingly enough, actor Vin Diesel (4.7 million fans).

Check out the other Facebook under-achievers!

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