Facebook Isn’t For Everyone, But It’s Pretty Close

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Blog Series: Choosing Your Social Media

June 21, 2011 
– It’s only natural that we start with Facebook for our exploration of social media networks – it’s the biggest site not only in comparison to other social networks, but it’s also the 2nd largest in the world (beat out only by Google). With more than 500 million users that spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on the site, it’s no wonder getting your company out on the Internet has become easier.


Facebook has become the hot spot for small businesses to create a quick and easy Internet identity and for national brands to do huge promotions. You can poll your customers for new ideas, post special deals, hold contests, and respond to customer feedback all with a simple page.

While it seems geared more toward retail and restaurant industries, even professional services like travel agencies, lawyers, and repair companies have gotten in on the act. Just because you wouldn’t be using your status updates to post your Soup of the Day doesn’t mean you can’t post an article with new information on how cleaning your air filter can improve your A/C efficiency.

Retail and restaurant businesses use Facebook most often to post specials, updates on inventory, and other daily news. Because things move fast in these types of business, it’s necessary to have someone on a fairly consistent basis checking the fan interaction with your page.

Professional service businesses will find using Facebook differs from their retail counterparts. You may not be posting content as constantly as they do, rather your content will be more related to news about your industry and how you can help your clients. The interaction level with your fans should still be high, as you may be getting questions about your services posted to your wall.

There’s a lot to do with a Facebook account and it all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to spend on maintaining a profile. We Do Web Content not only offers content syndication services, but also custom graphical enhancements to make your Facebook page uniquely branded to your business.

An important thing to remember about Facebook profiles is that you need to use them to get the most out of them. Just having a page isn’t enough if you don’t post regular content and respond to fan and client interactions. When you don’t have the time to do this – We Do Web Content can step in to help.

Our friends at DisabilityLawClaims.com began syndicating their website and blog content viaFacebook and Twitter feeds. In just 5 short months they saw a great increase in traffic! Nearly 3 pages were read per visitor, and each visitor interacted with their page for nearly 3 minutes, exploring their content and information! With an impressive 63% bounce rate and an increase of over 150 unique visitors, they’re really seeing how Facebook can become a client magnet!

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